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Feeding Latinoamérica SpA Is a company focused on providing Innovative and Technological nutritional solutions with a view to sustainability of aquaculture feed.

Feeding Latinoamérica


We search the world for suppliers specialized in technological and natural products.

Specialty Products



Unicellular protein concentrate, very palatable, high digestibility, non-GMO and excellent amino acid profile. Ideal substitute for fish meal.

SmartFish 68

Unicellular protein concentrate with yeast and yeast walls, very palatable, high digestibility, excellent amino acid profile. Ideal substitute for fish meal..


Pure yeast strain concentrate Saccaromyces Cerevisiae ,good level of amino acids, B vitamins and nucleotides. Stabilizes intestinal bacterial flora, increases palatability and food intake.


Yeast Wall Concentrate Saccaromyces Cerevisiae ,rich in B glucans and Mannan Oligosaccharides. Powerful isolating capacity against mycotoxins, bacterial and organic toxins.


Yeast concentrate rich in free nucleotides, prebiotic effect, immune booster and regenerator of fast growing tissues.


Source of short and medium chain fat acids and MOS. It stimulates intestinal health by its bactericidal effect and its positive effect on the growth and maturation of epithelial cells.

Specialty Products

Natural anti-inflammatory

Anta®Ox Aqua

Unique blend of natural flavonoids able to reduce the oxidative stress process in fish and their inflammatory effect.


Anta®Ox Aqua production plant.
Germany - Niederzissen

Specialty Products

Sweetener of natural origin NHDC


The NHDC is an effective sweetener and masker of the bitter tones of the food allowing the increase of the intake of food.

Ferrer HealTech

Production Plant Sugarex.
Beniel (Murcia, España)

Specialty Products

Natural Antioxidants Line


100% natural mixture of 8 stereoisomers (RRR) of dl alfa Tocopherol of Soybean oil. Powder Product.

Oxabiol ERL

Mix of natural tocopherols from soybean oil, rosemary extract and sunflower lecithin. Powder Product.

Oxabiol XT PVS Feed

Mix natural tocopherols from soybean oil, green tea extract and sunflower lecithin. Powder Product.

Oxabiol GP Premium

Mixture of semi-natural antioxidants based on natural tocopherols from soybean oil, propyl gallate and citric acid. Liquid product.



Feeding latinoamérica


Category Name Percentage
Chloride Choline Chloride  
  Vegetable Carrier 50%; 60%; 70%
  Silica Carrier 50%
  Liquid 75%
Betaine Betaine Anhydrous 75%; 96%
Amino Acid L-Lysine  
  L-Lysine Sulphate 65%
  L-Lysine HCL 98%
  L-Histidine HCL 98%
  L-Threonine 98%
  L-Tryptophan 98%
  L-Taurine 99%

Feeding Latinoamérica


Category Name Percentage
Vitamins Vitamins  
  Folic Acid 95%
  Riboflavin 97%
  Nicotinamide 99%
  D-Calcium Pantothenate 98%
  Ascorbic Acid 35%
  Vitamin E Acetate 50%
  Vitamin E Natural 50%
Acid Citric 99%
Antioxidants BHT 99%
  BHA 30%
  Silymarin 80%